Getting Involved

To participate in AMQP, you need to join OASIS and then register for one (or more) of the groups below:

OASIS AMQP Member Section

The AMQP Member Section is where you join if you want to be associated with AMQP and show your support. The Member Section is a good place to join to stay abreast of developments, conference announcements, educational materials etc and to get the inside track.

To join click here, then click the "Join this TC" small purple button.

OASIS AMQP Technical Committee

The OASIS Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) TC is where actual technical development work on AMQP happens. Get involved!

Click on the title above to see what we're up to. This is the main technical site for AMQP.


* If you work for a Corporation which is already a member of OASIS then there is no additional charge for you to join. Note that your application will be emailed to your corporate OASIS Primary Representative for his/her approval. It can really speed things up if you find that person and make sure they watch out for the email and approve it!