The Problem We Solve

Do you believe you are getting value from your IT spend?

Does it seem that systems are too complex, too expensive, too slow to adapt with your needs and generally not worth the money that is lavished on them?  As one CIO wryly observed, “It sure doesn’t feel like a billion dollars of technology”.

Significant costs arise from the complexity of connecting systems.  Connecting systems increases value but reduces agility. The problem gets worse as business partners are added, systems deployed in different technologies, or outsourced perhaps to the Cloud.  This lack of connectability for anything other than simple activities hampers automated business.

The Internet is where business is done and connections must be made cheaper, better, quicker.

The solution is not to create new software.  Rather, it is to get suppliers to work together so that systems plug together easily with predictable results.  To forge an open Internet Protocol so that infrastructure becomes smart and to make it pervasive so it becomes hard to do the wrong thing, i.e. to commoditize a higher level of functionality.

AMQP is an award-winning technology conceived by demanding users working together with technology experts to meet the need to connect systems reliably and get business done.

This paper does not ask you to buy something; rather it is asking you to become part of a connected ecosystem that uses AMQP to systemically reduce costs, to simplify connectivity and to position your firm to benefit from the innovations that are already building upon it.

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