Business Drivers

Middleware messaging and integration is a necessary part of any enterprise system. 

Messaging and integration both play a key role in the successful deployment of mission-critical IT systems and the automation of business processes.  These components can account for up to 10-30% of an entire project cost.  These costs continue to grow as complexity grows and organizations adopt more distributed network infrastructures, more applications and global expansion strategies.  


Systemically Reduce Integration Costs

Interoperability is more challenging and costly than it needs to be.  Middleware products and legacy infrastructure written for different platforms, and in different languages, requires a timely and secure way to send messages to one another.   AMQP lets you simplify middleware software integrations and reduce middleware costs through vender neutral, interoperable business messaging. 

key business drivers

Grow an Ecosystem of Interoperability

Proprietary middleware has been a source of lock-in, preventing competition in middleware for both quality and cost and often forcing the implementation of fragile, inflexible legacy protocols.  AMQP lets you dual source or switch suppliers, spur competition and provides a platform for innovation.

Remove Technical Barriers to Trade

Today there is no commodity guaranteed-delivery messaging middleware.  We have open information formats (e.g. ISO20022), but no open transport protocols.  AMQP presents a toll free highway for automated business compared to today's gated by-ways.

AMQP allows for diverse platforms and applications to communicate easily and securely.  Legacy messaging solutions can be easily retrofitted with AMQP 1.0 to remove proprietary protocols from your network.

Value-bearing transactions can be sent across and between organizations and virtual cloud computing environments in a more efficient and secure manner. 

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