AMQP Protocol Downloads

OASIS Specification

Please find the most actual version of the AMQP protocol specification as an OASIS document (with the OASIS license included in the document) as OASIS AMQP 1.0 Specification.


Legacy Specifications

All AMQP specifications and protocol definitions listed below are published under the AMQP License unless otherwise stated.   


Final Specification by AMQP Working Group:

AMQP 1.0 Final, as contributed to OASIS.

Older Specifications:

AMQP version 0-10 by the AMQP Working Group

AMQP version 0-9-1 by the AMQP Working Group

AMQP version 0-9 by the AMQP Working Group

AMQP version 0-8 by the AMQP Working Group


Status of Pre-1.0 Versions of AMQP

Since its inception, the AMQP Working Group has stated that backwards compatibility for protocol versions created before 1.0 series could not be assumed.  After 1.0 backwards compatibility is a core goal of the AMQP Working Group.

Version 1.0 focuses on core features which are necessary for interoperability at Internet scale.  It contains less explicit routing than previous versions because core functionality is the first to be rigourously standardized.  AMQP 1.0 interoperability has been more extensively tested with more implementors than prior versions.

Vendors offering products which use currently prior protocol versions can additionally support version 1.0 within the same products.  Products which support v1.0 will interoperate seamlessly with other v1.0 products even when used in this way.

Customers can then benefit from explicit routing inside their applications, with the assurance of interoperability between applications and business partners with AMQP v1.0.

If you have any questions, please contact your supplier to plan a smooth transition to AMQP v1.0.