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AMQP Products

A standard is no use without products, and there are is a choice of excellent AMQP technology suppliers.

Commercially available AMQP products and support offerings; please check their web sites for details...

Notable AMQP Users

In addition to the Banking and Finance Industries, AMQP is also being used to connect hundreds of critical systems in Telecommunications, Defense, Manufacturing, Internet and Cloud Computing, and many additional market segments. 

There are 500+ commercial users recorded by AMQP vendors, including:

The Deutsche Börse

“EUREX 12 is FIXML over AMQP Eurex is the very first exchange to introduce AMQP as a standard protocol on its system, thus easing the monitoring of positions and risk related data for its members and ensuring market integrity for all participants.”


Sends 1 billion AMQP messages per day; used in dozens of mission critical systems worldwide.

National Science Foundation

The Ocean Observatories Initiative infrastructure uses sensor nets with AMQP to bring readings ashore from ocean platforms and a global pub-sub network to disseminate readings.


The control plane of the Nebula Cloud Computing.

Red Hat

The control plane of Red Hat's Cloud services use AMQP to control its internal operations.


Makes extensive use of RabbitMQ in its virtualization products and cloud services


The open-source Rocksteady project uses RabbitMQ and complex event processing to analyse user defined metrics. Its goal is to allow root cause diagnosis of breakages in real time. 

UIDAI, Government of India

UIDAI is the the largest online identity project in the world aiming to provide each of India's 1.2 billion residents with a unique identity number. UIDAI uses RabbitMQ to decouple sub-components of its application allowing it to scale.


Mozilla use RabbitMQ in Pulse, their in-house eventing and pub-sub bus.


OpenStack is an open-source initiative that provides a massively scalable cloud operating system and uses RabbitMQ for messaging.


RabbitMQ is widely used at AT&T Interactive, the local search provider.


Uses AMQP for passing real time data in cloud environments, between different components of the INETCO Insight product.

Smith Electric Vehicles

Smith uses AMQP in it's SmithLink service to transmit over 2 billion data points a day from automotive based in 90 different cities around the world.


IBM MQ Light, is a simple and scalable application development tool, offered by IBM


Have an AMQP implementation or product you would like to list?

If you would like to add your own implementation example or product integration to this list, or if you have questions about using the AMQP specifications for an implementation, please contact OASIS Communications.


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