Support for routing?

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Support for routing?

The "Architecture" page indicates that support for routing will be provided in an upcoming version. I take this to mean that AMQP does not currently support broker-to-broker forwarding of messages. Is this correct?

If so, this would seem to severely limit the applicability of AMQP to real-world applications that require more than one broker.

ActiveMQ certainly supports this functionality, as described here:

Would anyone care to comment on progress in this area in AMQP? Is it to be expected soon?



Support for routing?

Currently AMQP doesn't define a standard for routing, but that does not prevent AMQP implementations from being built into networks. For instance the Qpid Dispatch project is explicitly designed to provide routing between various nodes in an AMQP network.

Where there is standardization work ongoing is determining a comprehensive global addressing system such that different AMQP vendors can build products that recognize "global" addresses (i.e. addresses not native to that current process) and recognize that such messages should be forwarded through the network, as well as potentially advertising to other nodes on the network those addresses which are homed on that process. This work is ongoing on the OASIS AMQP Technical Committee.